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How to punish your slave

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Click here for domination Chat Rooms. Fetish play — smoking, human ashtray, heel sucker, spitting on them slapping.

16 BDSM Punishments for Effective Behavior Training

Click here to watch sissy sub doing the sllave for Mistress. Will be given a set amount kirkland massage center time in the toilet area ie 2- minutes and must never go over this time. They will always answer the door and greet any visitors and punsih whatever outfit is demanded of them, they will curtsey, kiss how to punish your slave hands of how to punish your slave and address them as Sir or Madam at all times, they will then take the jackets and hang them up and show them to the lounge area and take any requests for drinks, the slave will alert the owner that guests have arrived.

The sub must understand they are also there for sexual pleasure for any of the visitors should they want it. Click how to punish your slave to watch Joan Get Tawsed — Video. Ensure they are on call for every snap of the finger. I used to write down different tasks on a piece of paper you could get your slave to do. My subs used to love to hate this technique. The pet Slave — slave Humiliated.

Sardines, anchovies. Few ideas are as follows; 1.

Have an unruly submissive or slave? Use the button below to be given a kinky punishment for your sub/slave!. Discipline is described as instruction and exercise; training, whether physical, mental or moral. Generally the time spent training your slave to kneel, stand. Hey guys,. Reddit virgin here - this is my first post. Basically what i need advice for are new ways of punishing my (22m) slave (20f). For real she's my gf and we.

Take how to punish your slave her treats, her fave foods yoir such amount of time. Take away her eating rights for set amount of time or for entire day depending on her medical needs. Make her eat foods like chilli or something very uncomfy to think about her behavior. That just seems a bit unhealthy IMO.

Sllave mean there are so many ways to punish that aren't harmful, and if a dom told me I coulden't youd I'de probably not want to play with that dom. My slave once complained that his food was too dry. I moistened it with my piss. When he neglected to compliment me about how good it now tasted, the next time I moistened it with piss from my neighbors dog. I now frequently do that for him, even though he now tells me how good his food is. Ill bet you have a great time following your neighbors dog around to catch its piss.

Id love to watch that, havent had a good laugh in a. You should mix your spit in his food and clean your nose also to make his food healthy and spacial. Clothes pins on how to punish your slave, with one of those balls that randomly sends kut an electric shock in the vagina. For a man, make them drink lots of water and put how to punish your slave clothes pin on their penis. They elmaton TX housewives personals be able to pee and spave is torture.

You can also easily tease like this, if you do it far enough back. Chicago il sex club guy, get some catheters, insert inflate and clamp the end closed. ho

Water, lots of it. You will bring him around pretty quickly. It how to punish your slave orgasms almost impossible. Use these combined wkth other ideas for pure torture. And maybe a painfully hot shower for a few hours. By the end, it will be painfully cold! Yes, I am evil. Make him tan in a bikini before chennai singles club then walk around without his shirt to show of his tan lines. Make him wear a bikini and snug fitted short jean shorts all day then if he misbehaves tie him to a pole with people around gag him and leave him there for alittle while i want that done to me really bad.

How to punish your slave him wear chastity cage to the lake.

While in the water take his shorts and get. Talk about his swamp ass and musty scent really loud as if he just confided in you. It would make me piss myself laughing. Put them to the task essex VT bi horney housewifes something long, tedious and boringyet easily repetitive. Threaten them with it again after having already done it at least once but ykur extra repetitions.

Force Slave to cleaning the kitchen and the toilets with rags! After they finished. Tide them up and give forceed handjob With the how to punish your slave. Than continue to POT! Will they are gag sllave a wet rag the pknish to clean the toilets! Very cruel! If only they know yoour I am currently in punishment my master each night ties me up to the tree in garden naked for 2 hours then comes out with his wife new single oasis she canes me and he whips me and because I am cold the punishment is very painful.

Watch as Master fucks someone else??? That's so cruel!!! I'd cry inconsolable all heartbroken Would be my reaction as. It would be enough to know i displeased Him. Boring punnishments work on me as.

I like most sorts of pain,and i love bondage, relaxes my mind. Some doms have more how to punish your slave one slave. So its not an issue. Its not how to punish your slave your dom is cheating on you. My sub, how to punish your slave a stray, Long story. I plan on doing this to her, and I told her how to make the balance of power ro, this is what has to be.

She teared up and lowered her head in shame. So I will tie her up and fuck the random girl while she watches and listens. I really want for myself and another woman to please my husband. I also fantasize about being tied up in yoru corner and forced to watch but not allowed to cum. Also, to only be allowed to cum by watching them and masterbating myself to the scene. Makes me wet punishh thinking about it. A lot of that is pleasure to me.

I Am Wants Dating How to punish your slave

If its online then get them to go into the biggest chat room and tell everybody there to punish. Then its multiple random punsihments in a row. My first punishment was to purchase a thick cucumber, chill it and stick it up my pussy for 5 min. It turns out i enjoyed it too much so now Online dating websites doesn't use that punsihment on me.

But my second punishment was ass to mouth with anal beads. I cried with that one. My dom usually has really strong punishments, the first one he used on me was denying orgasms, then I made the mistake of trying to jerk off right. The thing was I had a wet dream and cummed, he then made how to punish your slave take an extremely cold shower and wrote "cum slut" on my stomach.

I fill up two cups until they are really. Then she has to stand with her legs apart and hald her arms straight out to the. She has to remain how to punish your slave that while i use a crop on her body. Afterward she recieves an enema with a cup of water for each drop she spills. Then sex while holding how to punish your slave. This is my first time as a Dom and I am uncertain what punishment would work for my sub since he has different sexual preferences and he is prone to punishment but has a major foot and leg fetish.

I would love to give him time-outs during sessions.

I Am Wanting Sex Hookers How to punish your slave

I enjoy knowing he is yourr my attention and have dating webite option but to obey. Then I would make him kneel and beg for punishment after a time while I ignore.

It is entirely upto me if I would punish. Until then he need to beg,nomatter the time.

What is a harsh punishment for a naughty submissive in BDSM? 6, Views .. Do you like to be the submissive or slave, or the dominant?. Here's 16 very effective BDSM punishments to use on your submissive to But if your sub/slave hasn't agreed to punishment, then you can't. Pile of leather whips and collars for BDSM punishment ideas If there is more than one slave, make them prepare you to have sex with your other slaves.

I have my pet know I could take away his collar at anytime if he misbehaves. He loves his collar so he always behaves.

I'm a sub and my dom has made me find 50 punishments I'm up to 27 can u please help they can be mean.

Drinking pee. Thumbtacks in underwear. Wear same underwear more dating multiple days. Neutra loaf.

Extended butt plugging. Toothpaste on slave positions bdsm or balls. Sleep on the floor. No phone. Non matching shoes in public. Wear a Hillary or Trump shirt. No walking. Funny story, when I was a kid, someone told me that this would kill you. Aside from neither of us being into pee, my sub knows this story so she wouldnt be able to take it seriously. Quiet honestly How to punish your slave know my sub hates writing lines, or paragraphs.

She hates when i deny her orgasms, or I make her watch me touch myself and she cant touch me or. Those are the main ones I use. Punishment is used to correct unwanted how to punish your slave, and some dominants strive to find the perfect punishment. The following BDSM punishment ideas and advice will help you find what works for you and your relationship. Quick Warning: While this tutorial video is quite distressing, it will teach you how to make your man scream with pleasure and become sexually how to punish your slave to you.

BDSM punishments are a way to help a dominant train their submissive.

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Learn how to be more dominant in the bedroom. Whenever your submissive does something wrong, you punish him to teach a lesson. On the other hand, you provide encouragement and reward for those things that bbw lesbian girl does right.

It means he understands the rules and your expectations — and he provides the right amount of attention to detail when performing those tasks.

My most powerful sex tricks and tips aren't on this site. If you want to access them and give your man back-arching, toe-curling, screaming orgasms that will keep him sexually obsessed with you, then you can learn these secret sex techniques ot my private and hoow newsletter. You'll also how to punish your slave the 5 dangerous mistakes that will ruin your sex life and relationship.

Get it. You devise them as the need arises and as you see how to punish your slave. You might not have a training or service relationship at all, how to punish your slave focusing more on sensation, sadomasochism, or bondage over discipline.

Or you might be intent on training your submissive with a focus in positive reinforcement versus negative punishment. Psst, does this sound a little too advanced for you? Now, there is no actual crime. Best local dating sites might be a bad attitude, a broken rule or some other infraction.

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But whatever you choose for discipline must be more or less equal to the infraction. A minor mistake, therefore, might warrant a timeout. You should save harsher BDSM punishments for worse — or repeated — infractions. Consider this: If you have trouble matching the discipline to the error, you might how to punish your slave disciplining your submissive in anger. Anger can lead to making poor decisions regarding the BDSM punishments you. BDSM punishments must be practical and possible to how to punish your slave.

Failure is not your objective with BDSM discipline. Even though this might be a good form of BDSM discipline for an able-bodied person, a slip or fall could lead to further injury. Furthermore, avoid punishments that could be potentially dangerous, including those that dehydrate someone or cut off their circulation.

If your submissive is trying to please you by following instructions, he might not let you know that he cannot perform a certain task to your expectations. Pay attention to any signs of distress. Stop or adjust the punishment before it becomes a problem. Some people struggling with dishing out discipline because it feels wrong. Surprise punishments are out of the question. Your submissive might not even know what he did wrong.

You should give him the opportunity to explain his mistake. This can even be a bit of delicious torment for him as he tries to figure it. This is an opportunity to go over expectations.

Surprise punishment can be confusing and hurtful, not to free classified ads in chicago damaging for the trust that you two share.

The two of you have agreed to X punishment for Y error. You complete punishment and give a lesson; then you move on. This is true for any how to punish your slave relationship, not just BDSM relationships. It includes all the activities that help to keep a submissive mentally, emotionally and physically cared for after a scene.

Aftercare can include balm or ointment for spanking and other impact play, a warm blanket, a cool drink that contains electrolytes and cuddling. To learn more, read this post about aftercare. Some dominants use timeouts as a type russian girls club BDSM punishment.

Don't act angry when you punish your subshe needs to know this is for her own good, not because you hate her or are angry with. Remind her you love her and want the best for her, and that is how to punish your slave you give her consequences. Many times, you can give your sub a choice.

If she is creative and knows herself well, simply ask what she believes is a fair consequence. Discuss it together, and mutually agree on a consequence. If she has no ideas, you might hot blasian giving her a few options to choose. Say, "You know better than that behavior, because we discussed it. Now you have to have a consequence.

pumish Would you rather write me a letter apologizing and explaining what you did wrong and what you will do better next time, or stand in the corner with your nose holding a ping-pong ball for 20 minutes? Punishment does not need to be mean and nasty how to punish your slave be effective.

For example, if your slavr knows it is a rule to address you as "Master" each time she speaks, and she does not, this is not as grievous a blunder as if singles mingle utica ny wrecks your car because she is mad at you. The punishment should fit the crime. A simple slap, short spanking, or letter of apology will suffice for smaller transgressions. Your sub is a smart, savvy lady --she is going to know if your punishment does not fit the crime and resent you for it.

This defeats the purpose of correcting bad behavior. Any parent can tell you that sometimes a long discussion about "choices" will deter a behavior just as well or better than physical forms of how to punish your slave.

With animals, we have to physically punish them because we cannot speak to them; how to punish your slave your sub and other people, a conversation can do wonders!